New clients!

It is always a pleasure seeing how new clients choose Metrix Partners to help them manage finance in a strategic way, and with best practices straight from the best peers in SaaS, healthcare, DTC and other business models.

The last few months have been specially active and we are proud to welcome Tropicfeel, Woffu, Quality Clouds and Carts Guru to our client list.

Tropicfeel has had astronomical commercial success with their direct to consumer brand built on two pillars: sustainability and crowd participation.

Woffu has become the leading Spanish player in time tracking and management.

Quality Clouds diagnoses SaaS platforms and helps companies do a health check of how their cloud software subscriptions perform.

And last but not least, Carts Guru is an advanced marketing automation platform.

We always strive for excellence and we never engage in projects for which we do not have the bandwidth or the specific skills, so sometimes taking up new projects means that some of the existing ones transition or end. This also means we sometimes have to say “no” to some projects that are proposed to us. But we want to think that clients are always clients, regardless of whether they are current, past… or just a lead!