Metrix Partners advises Cambridge-based AI startup in their GBP 3.7M Series A round led by Nauta Capital, the first AI-driven technology for mapping the worlds expertise and connecting businesses directly to the source of technical and market insights, has raised £3.76 million Series A funding. 

Founded in eliminates the limitations of human-led market research with AIdriven science. Deep search technology uses reinforcement learning models to autonomously crawl online content and datamapping expertise in real-time and precisely matching specialists to business’s connection platform then facilitates knowledge exchange through one-to-one conversation or focus group. 

The investment will support’s continuous advancement of its core technology platform, as well as expansion into the U.S. market with the opening of a new office in New York later this year. It will also enable the UK-based startup to build on its existing success within the life sciences and health industries and grow its business with financial services and management consulting companies, whare reliant on access to high-quality expertise to inform critical decision-making. 

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